Congratulations, Joan Whitenack!

After 17 years of directing the Foothill Unity Center, Joan Whitenack will be retiring at the end of the month. The center honors her June 28th at a retirement party. 

Fruit For All would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Whitenack for her support of our non-profit, harvest organization. She has been so instrumental in the development of our group and our relationship with the Foothill Unity Center. We wish her the best!Image


2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Joan Whitenack!

  1. The young people will take this green movement to the next level. I wonder if you approach homes with fruit trees and get them to use organic fertilizers or get coffee grounds from Starbucks to place on their tree if on limited income. The other is to take some coffee grounds to home owners when picking a tree.

    Keep the great work. You never know the knowledge you gain and opens new opportunities.

    Bill Zaffer
    Eco Guy

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