2,000 Pound Weekend

Over the weekend Fruit For All picked at several houses in Pasadena, Monrovia, Covina, and Arcadia. We picked grapefruits, oranges, blood oranges, tangelos, meyer lemons, and kumquats. We managed to get 2,030 pounds of fruit total. We really appreciate all the people that volunteered and the homeowners that donated the fruit.

First Navel Oranges of the Year!

Today(1/3/2012) Fruit For All picked at a nice little house in Monrovia. We picked 250 pounds of Navel Oranges!

A great way to start the new year. Thanks to everyone that helped out and the homeowner who donated the fruit.

Building Speed!

As we get closer to the busiest time of the year for Fruit For All(February-May), we are getting more and more calls.

Last weekend we picked around 300 pounds of persimmons and just recently we were given 1,252 pounds of oranges to take in to the food bank!

Back to Back Weekends

Fruit For All picked at a house in Arcadia two weekends in a row. Last week we picked 900 pounds of oranges, 350 pounds of grapefruits, and 90 pounds of apples.

This past weekend we picked 111 pounds of limes. We thank everyone for helping out and especially the homeowner for donating the fruit.

Persimmons in Arcadia

On Saturday, October 29th, the North Arcadia chapter of Fruit For All picked 265 pounds of persimmons.

Our first of many persimmon picks this year! Thanks to everyone who helped out and to the homeowner who donated the fruit.

Oranges in Monrovia

On Sunday, October 16 Fruit For All picked oranges at a house in Monrovia.

This was a somewhat special pick because it was a part of the newly established Monrovia chapter of Fruit For All.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the day!

Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles Award!!!

The California Community Foundation and The Eisner Foundation recently honored Zach Selby, founder of Fruit For All, for his extraordinary philanthropy to the community at the 2011 Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles Awards, an event celebrating the power and impact of philanthropy in Los Angeles.  Zach received The Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles Awards to Extraordinary Individuals.  Pictures and video footage from the ceremony are available at www.calfund.org/unsungheroes.

Here is a video about Fruit For All created for the event.

There’s a First Time For Everything

On September 24,2011 Fruit For All picked a house in Monrovia that had Sapotas(our first time picking the fruit.) They are a Mexican fruit that has spread to other Latin American Countries and the U.S.

We managed to pick 348 pounds of the fruit and 50 pounds from the orange tree that was also on the property.

At the second pick which was in Arcadia we picked 114 pounds of oranges and 117 pounds of grapefruit for a total of 231 pounds.

Thank you to the homeowners that donated the fruit and the volunteers that helped pick it.


Pineapple Guavas

Fruit For All has picked guavas before but never pineapple guavas. On Sunday September, 10 we picked 23 pounds of pineapple guavas from a homeowner in El Monte.

It was a really great a experience and we hope to pick pineapple guavas again sometime.

Ready To Go

This summer has been a little slow for Fruit For All. Part of the reason being that not many fruit trees come ripe during July and August, but school just started and with winter right around the corner we are ready to go head on.